The Remembrance Garden  

 The idea of a remembrance garden was conceived after  donations to the restoration fund were received on behalf of deceased members Ned Maye and Kevin Eisler.  Volunteers pitched in and the garden took shape.   Bruce Diess built a pergola using four of the original columns from the radius porch of the mansion.  Other members spent many hours stripping one hundred years of paint from these columns and then repainting them.  Richard Dechario designed the brick walkway.  Richard and his son Richie, Clare Tomeo, Dave Kleinpeter and Richard  Bartels spent three days laying the bricks.  Bob Wedell built the benches that are under the pergola.  Flowers were planted and the Remembrance Garden became a reality.  The garden  was dedicated in 2004.  

  In the fall of 2012 Super storm Sandy completely flooded the area and destroyed the garden; all that remained were some spirea, grasses and hosta.   The following spring (2013) The Moriches Bay Garden Club took on the task of refurbishing the garden.  Sally Burgess, then president was very  helpful and supportive in getting this project going.   Maueen Pollack, an association member as well as a garden club member, along with garden club members Linda Brown, Lori Silverman, Lillie Brown, Anita Baldari and Linda Dipierro all worked hard to that effort.  The MBGC wanted to have the garden reflective of what Grace Masury might have had.  After some research they knew the the estate had formal gardens that included vegetables, herbs and flowers.  Luckily the pergola and brick pathway withstood the storm and was a good start to creating a formal garden.  Plants were selected for their ability to withstand sun, salt air and be almost maintenance free.  Hedge roses, sedum, thyme, lavender, iris and allysum were some perennials that were selected.   The spirea that survived Sandy were replanted around each column of the pergola and the rescued hosta  were planted with the iris.  All the plants were donated by association members and garden club members.  In addition, The Cornwall Garden Club from upstate New York awarded a $1000 grant to the Moriches Bay Garden Club to help with the refurbishing the Remembrance Garden.   

  Remembrance bricks can be purchased for $50.   

  For information please contact:

  Kathy Kleinpeter : 631-738-6972   or  Maureen Pollack: 631-605-0760