HBPOA Nominees 2020


Shamus Joseph Fitzgerald

I’m Shamus Joseph Fitzgerald. I’m running for Holiday Beach President. I’ve lived in Holiday beach for nearly 13 years. I have served on the board in the past and have helped out in other ways such as the resurrection of the Dredging Project. I’ve decided to run for the board again simply out a sense of duty to the membership. If elected I will restore transparency and organization to our community. I intend to view everything in an objective way and most importantly, put the power back in to the hands of the membership.
I believe my background in Roberts Rules of Order and my non biased understanding of our bylaws, culminated with my experience as a New York Fire Department Lieutenant will bring sensible leadership back to this board. We are living in unprecedented times and I feel I am the candidate that can navigate this community through any choppy seas that lay ahead.
Thank you, Shamus


Joan Holzmacher

Hi, my name is Joan Holzmacher and I am running for the position of Trustee for Holiday Beach Property Owners Association. I moved to Center Moriches in November of 1985 with my husband, William where we raised three children. I have been an active member of the association and I have volunteered for many activities over the years. I was involved in the Entertainment Committee, gave my time to the Yard Sale, Victorian Tea, Snapper Derby and many other functions.  I have also been active in the schools and community by being on the board of the PTA, involved in the Moriches Youth Organization, started girls softball and other activities.
I love this community and I want to serve the membership. If you need to speak with me p!ease feel free to contact me @ 631-909-2730 or you may email me @ teefr5@ yahoo.com. I hope I can count on your support and your vote. Thank you.

Joan Holzmacher


Andrew Walther

Andrew walther, I’ve been here 28 years , 4 kids, 28 years with the sheriffs office. I  participate in the annual marina work details, I also built the security shed and helped paul with other projects. Im running because I want to ensure the beach and marina are there for the next generation,as is, and I would like to see a larger group of residents prioritizing the needs of the association.  Thank you, andy



Christopher Yackel

Hi my name is Christopher Yackel and I am running for the position of Trustee on the Board for the Holiday Beach Property Owners Association.

Ihave lived on Long Island my entire life. As a young boy, I would attend fishing tournaments with my father in the waters of Center Moriches. In hindsight, I knew I would always reside here. In 2006 I purchased my first home in a nearby development becoming a resident of Center Moriches. After marrying my wife, Rosanne, I sold my home, and purchased a home in Holiday Beach in October 2018. We loved living in this community and recently purchased a second home for our family to live close by in Holiday Beach as well.

My professional career has been very rewarding. After graduatibg from the University of Stony Brook I entered into the field of finance for 6 years. In 2002, I chose to persue a career in the medical field selling medical devices. I recently opened my own consulting business with my wife on providing safe sanitary solutions to medical professionals and businesses to help them during our current circumstances. I believe my tenacity, problem-solving skills, and work ethic has contributed to my success.
If you ask my family and friends, they can tell you that I am an avid fisherman. I am passionate about protecting our waters,  beaches, marina, and wildlife. I have the utmost respect for our community. My wife and I truly cherish the beach, and we enjoy getting to know all of our neighbors here at Holiday Beach.

As a trustee I look forward to working with other members of the board to improve the beach and marina. As well as see what other types of community events we can have at the Masury to generate revenue, and bring the families of our community together. I would like to be considered for position as a trustee and gain your vote as I truly love this community.


Patrick Brown

Director/Marina Manager

My name is Pat Browne I have served as director for 3 years and marina manager for 2 ½ years most of you know me from being down at the beach or if you are involved with the marina.

​I have lived in Holiday Beach for 5 years. I have been in the area for 10 years due to my beautiful fiancée Claudia whose family has been involved with Holiday Beach since the beginning. I fell in love with the area some 20 years ago when some of my friends first introduced me into the area.

I have been working at Brookhaven Lab for 36 years dealing with the Mechanical Field and will be retiring soon. I am looking forward to spending more time in the area fishing and living life to its fullest.

The past 3 years as Director/ Marina Manager I have been a part of overseeing the Dredging project, which was a very large project, and I also handled the project of adding supplemental cooling in the Masury ballroom.

I hope that my record speaks for itself that I am dedicated at doing what is of your best interest as homeowners of Holiday Beach.

​I am looking forward to serving 3 more years and continuing to make Holiday Beach a great place to live!


William Roache

Bill Roache! Honorable discharge U.S.Army, Associates degree in business, Suffolk community! Bachelors in History, Empire state college! Chairman of the Restoration committee for 3 years! Replaced windows in the Ballroom  and had historic storm windows installed in the 8 upstair windows, New historic cast iron registers installed through out. Roof cleaned by a professional co. adding about 10 years to the longevity, Oak tree branch removed which was causing damage over the rear entrance. Still have projects ongoing such as repairing the eye brow windows in the attic and repointing the chimneys which have deuterated over time! Thank you!


Ryan Wasson

My name is Ryan Wasson and I along with my wife, Angelina, have been a part of the Holiday Beach Community since February of 2019, when we bought our home on Old Neck Road. Angelina and I have been bartenders at the Masury for the last two years and have been co-bar managers since January of this year. I have also been a member of the Executive Committee since May.

I plan to bring a fresh perspective to the table, where transparency to the membership will be a priority. All viewpoints will be heard, but my goal is to bring all of the HBHOA members together. I promise to be a team player, who will strive to help our community succeed by putting the needs of the members first and encouraging volunteering opportunities for our members. I look forward to continuing to serve the members of this community!


Bradley Droskoski

Fellow members of Holiday Beach,

My name is Brad Droskoski and I am running for the positon of Director on the Holiday Beach Home Owners Association Board.  I am a New York City Detective and have served New York City for over 22 years.  I have lived in Holiday Beach with my wife Kristine (Krissy) and our dog Hudson since 2006. I enjoy walking Hudson throughout our neighborhood and to ourlocal beach.  I believe in giving back to the community.  Every year for Thanksgiving, for over 30 years my family and I collect food donations and organize each and every food basket that is delivered to families that are less fortunate.

While being a member of the community I fully enjoyed the benefits of our neighborhood.  Such as events held at the MasuryEstate, BBQs at the beach, and our boat at the marina. One event that sticks out to me is the pig roast at the Masury for Labor Day weekend. While enjoying the benefits of living in this community, I realized there were fellow neighbors volunteering their time to preserve, and maintain our neighborhood.  I have previously run for a position on the board unsuccessfully and humbly request another opportunity to give back to our community.

As a neighbor, member, and hopefully an elected official of Holiday Beach Home Owners Association it will be my / our responsibility to preserve, and improve upon what we currentlyhave. I would love to continue to have events such as the pig roast, Covid permitting. In addition, one of my top priorities is to increase voluntary participation within the association. If we can increase morale within our community/ association the benefits will be long lasting.

Because individually we are one drop of rain, together we are an ocean.

Thank you for your consideration.


Michael Luise

I would like to introduce myself. I am a New York City Firefighter for 23 yrs and own and operate a local Hydroseeding and erosion control business. I am a proud father of 2 awesome children and have lived in Holiday Beach since April 2005. I grew up in Ronkonkoma and wanted to be in a small town with a tight knit community. I found that in Holiday Beach. A few years back I was seated on the board as a director. During my time as a board member I organized a few projects at the beach and Masury including a set of entrance columns and fence, the swing set and play set at the beach, replacing the shed/boat watch shack, replenishing the sand at the east end bulkhead and on the beach after super storm Sandy. Also removing some of the beach grass that was taking over the beach.

Myself and other board members organized some of the largest party’s at the Masury. We hosted a Halloween, St. Patrick’s and Super Bowl party.


Paul Raimondi

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