A note from the President

Hello folks of Holiday Beach. I want to welcome you to another summer down here in Holiday. As we transition from the doldrums of winter, we enter into bright and long days of summer. I would like to take this time to encourage you to stop for a moment and view all the work done at our beach, marina and clubhouse. ALL of this work is initiated and in most cases, completed by volunteers. Without volunteerism, our wonderful community will lack in many aspects of what it has to offer.

We welcome many of the new faces in our community and ask that you attend meetings and become involved. It has been and will continue to be your involvement that drives this place to excellence. I realize that in the current financial climate, many of us are working two and three jobs, however, any degree of help however small or large will make our community the better for it and is much appreciated. It’s many hands that makes the work light!

We are in need of bartenders, entertainment committee members, contractor experience, financial experience and in many cases even attendees to be present and help put out some chairs or tables. It is only your efforts that leave a lasting mark on what has been a timeless and ever evolving organization.

In addition to our easement at the beach, we offer an optional membership for a small yearly fee that will grant you the use of our clubhouse and attendance to the events put on by HBPOA. This membership will also afford you a spot on the list for any upcoming open slips at the marina.

We had a busy and active weekend as we memorialized those who have stood for our freedom past and present. The Beach Staff and various volunteers worked long hours to produce the clean and kept Beach we enjoyed and continue to enjoy.

As a final note, I would like to add…..

please be courteous to your neighbors, clean up after yourself and your pets and be mindful of your safety, your family’s safety and the safety of those around you when using our much coveted assets.

Thank you, and I will see you around the way!

Shamus J Fitzgerald

President, HBPOA

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