Bar nights

April 30, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

Thank you to everyone that attended the General Membership Meeting and soft Bar opening last night, moving forward the bar will be open every other Friday. Beginning April 30th

Please see the bar guidelines below

Thank you to Brad Droskoski for politely reminding all members of these guidelines.
Thank you to Ryan and Angelina Wasson for getting our bar re-opened.

  • Beginning on Friday, April 16th and for the foreseeable future, the bar will open at 7pm (or when the General Membership meeting ends) and close promptly at 11pm. Last call will be announced at 10:30pm to ensure bartenders have enough time to close the bar & masury at 11pm.
  • The bar will be open every other Friday evening starting on Friday, April 16th, until we can get a steady commitment of volunteers to bartend. If we can’t get a member to bartend on a particular Friday evening, the bar will remain closed. 
  • Visuals (signs & painter’s tape) will be placed on doors, walls and the floor reminding people to keep their masks on and to remain socially distant ( Six feet apart)
  • The bar & masury will only be open to members for the time being to keep capacity limited.
  • As members move throughout the masury, masks have to be worn over the nose & mouth. Once a member is seated, he or she can remove their mask as long as he or she is socially distant. 
  • Tables and chairs will be appropriately spaced throughout the recreational area/bowling alley and ballroom. Additional seating will also be provided outside on the porch for members who are not comfortable remaining inside. 
  • Most of the area surrounding the bar will be closed to members to discourage gatherings of people. All bar stools will be removed, as members will not be permitted to sit at the bar. However, members will be able to order from the bar, the side closest to the bulletin board.
  • The bar will be offering liquor as usual, but we will be cutting back on ordering any craft beers for the time being to keep expenses down. We want to avoid having to throw out cases of beer in the event we have to close for an extended period of time due to COVID exposure. The beers we will offer: Bud Light, Corona, Stella & Yuengling 
  • In the event that members are exposed to COVID 19 during one of our Friday bar nights, we will consult with our COVID compliance officer, Brad Droskoski, to determine the appropriate course of action. 
  • The bar will maintain a contact tracing list during each Bar Night with the patron’s name and contact number. 
  • Each table will only be allowed 6 (six) seated patrons.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the bar.
  • Although we are not required to serve food, snacks will be available at the bar. 
  • Once social distancing becomes unavoidable, the bar reserves the right to limit capacity and refuse service. 
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