Beach Rules & Procedures


Children under ten years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times.


Guests of easement holders are permitted on the beach as long as they are accompanied by an easement holder. If you are having a large party of more than 50 people (including children) on the beach you must call the office to let us know, as too many large parties on a given day result in an uncomfortable day for everyone. If you are expecting guest who are not members of the community and you do not want to show each guest to the beach individually as they arrive, you may leave a list with the gate guard, including your name, phone number and address. The gate guards are only authorized to let persons on the beach who are: Members:-A guest with a Member:-or on a Members guest list.


No motorized water craft are permitted on or near the beach from the playground west to the gate. Sail craft are permitted from the western flag to the gate. They must stay a minimum of 500 feet out from the shoreline between the flags.

Jet Skis & Personal Watercraft:

To enter the beach with a personal watercraft you are required to have a Coast Guard course certification.

Non-Motorized Watercraft:

Sailboats or other non motorized craft that are left on the beach must be registered in the office. (Call 878-6373 to obtain a sticker.) This is necessary to know who to call in case of an emergency. No more than two of this type of boats is permitted per household.

Picnic Tables:

Picnic tables should be placed on the south side of the road at all times.

Speed Limit:

Maximum permissible speed is 5 miles per hour and all motor vehicle operators must exercise extreme caution at all times.


Parking areas are limited. We ask everyone to share rides and vehicles whenever possible. You may park on the South side of the main road parallel to the road, except where no parking is indicated. Do not park on the North side of the road anywhere from the gate to the boat ramp. You may also park perpendicular to the main bulkhead in the dock area. Do not park opposite the boat ramp.

Boat and Jet Ski trailer parking is located at the Southeast end of the road on the beach side, past the east end floating docks. A sign designated Trailer Parking and all trailers must be parked on a slant in this area.

Motor Vehicles Are Not Permitted on the Beach Except for Emergency Vehicles in Response to an Emergency Call.

Barbecuing & Fires:

Barbecuing on the beach is permitted. You must extinguish the coals and/or briquettes and remove them from the beach once they are cool. Do not dump or bury hot coals as this can result in an injury to another person.

Fires on the Beach Are Prohibited at All Times and Under All Circumstances.


Dumpsters are provided in two locations on the beach. Please use them and remove all debris or litter prior to leaving. This includes cigarette butts and cigar butts. Debris is not only unsanitary and unsightly; it is also bad for our environment.


Dogs must be on a leash between 8am until 8pm between May 1 and October 1st. All dog litter is to be promptly and completely removed.


There is no overnight camping on the beach at any time, in a motor home, tent or any other way. Exceptions may be granted by the Board.

Please adhere to all stipulations on signs.

No firearms are to be discharged on the beach.

No lifeguard is provided.

No fireworks are allowed on the beach.