Marina Rules

  1. All members have equal rights regardless of type of membership.
  2. All marina members must be paid up in membership dues and be in good standing. A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required for your name to be placed on the marina waiting list. This deposit will be credited towards the slip rental fee when a slip is available and assigned to you by the marina manager.
  3. All slip fees for the current year (including electric, if applicable) membership and easement fees must be paid in full by March 1st. There will be a 10-day late charge period (March 2-11) with a $100.00 surcharge. If money is not collected by March 11th the boat slip will go to the next member on waiting list with the appropriate size boat.
  4. Two mandatory boat watches (9PM to 1AM) are required between May and November for the boat season. If you cannot participate in the boat watch an additional $150.00 will be added to the slip fee. A card will be sent to everyone designating boat watch dates. In addition, a list will be posted on the bulletin board and inside shed with each slip number and boat watch dates required.
  5. Any boat in a slip before April 1st or remaining in a slip after the 3rd weekend of November, will incur a $150.00 per day charge.
  6. No wake when entering or leaving the marina area.
  7. No fishing or crabbing within the marina area. Other areas are designated for this purpose.
  8. No overnight battery charging with automotive type battery charges. Temporary use (4 hours maximum) is permissible. Marine, permanent type chargers are approved.
  9. All slips will be assigned by the marina manager according to boat size. All new slip assignments are subject to the waiting list. If you are reachable on the marina waiting list and are offered a slip that is appropriate for your vessel (as determined by the Marina Manager) and you do not accept the slip, you will be moved to the bottom of the waiting list.
  10.  All persons assigned to slips with electric power, who do not use electric, will be reassigned at discretion of marina manager where appropriate other slip is available.
  11. Any problems with slip assignment should be discussed with the marina manager and if a solution cannot be found, the problem will be brought to the Executive Committee for resolution.
  12. All marina members must furnish proof of current NYS registration (or be a documented vessel) and have liability insurance. If registration, documentation or liability insurance expires during the boating season, proof that it has been maintained must be furnished to HBPOA. Member assumes full responsibility for insuring his vessel.
  13. All members must be considerate of neighbors living next to the marina when sleeping on the boats or entering the marina in the early AM.
  14. All minors (children under 12) must be accompanied by an adult and must wear approved Coast Guard type life jackets when leaving and entering boats and are within the marina area.
  15. No swimming or diving off the bulkhead, floating docks, or boats.
  16. No barbecuing or cooking with an open flame on board or within 50 feet of boats in marina area.
  17. All water must be turned off at faucets.
  18. In the event you sell your boat, your slip may be retained for only one season while looking for a new one. The slip fee will be based on your previous boat. If required a fee adjustment will be made based on the new boat.
  19. Subletting: Only to member & with the approval of the H.B.P.O.A. Board.
    Note: Waiting List will have a priority. Subletting allowed only through the Marina Manager.
  20. A maximum of 2 slips per membership is allowed, with the second slip subject to a surcharge equal to the current membership and easement fee.
  21. Depositing fish parts in water is strictly prohibited.
  22. All boats must comply with DEC regulations for discharge of substances overboard.
  23. Only A boat registered for a particular slip is permitted in that slip. If you purchase a different boat the Marina Manager must be notified immediately.
  24. You must participate in the mandatory minimum 4-hour work detail.
  25. In the event that the Member damages the dock, becomes a nuisance, a hazard, is responsible for ecological damage, uses an excessive amount of electricity, Member may be directed to forfeit his boat slip, subject to review by the Executive Board. HBPOA has the right to haul the member’s boat and charge the member accordingly.