Boat Watch Rules & Procedures

The Following Boats Watch Rules Will Incur a Fine If Not Followed

  1. Upon arrival please call 631-878-6373 from the telephone in the guard shed and after the answering machine message, state your name, slip number, and time of arrival. We have caller ID and no cell phone or house calls will be accepted.
  2. Fill out the logbook when you make your rounds.
  3. Upon your departure and end of tour, call 631-878-6373, after the answering machine message; state your name, date and departure time. Again, no cell phone or house calls will be accepted.
  4. There is no longer a key required to open the shed door. A combination lock has been installed. Please ask Marina manager for code.
  5. Note: Boat Watch is your responsibility. Anyone who does not comply with the above rules, or fails to report for an assigned boat watch, will be fined $150.00. Your watch dates are your responsibility. Make arrangements with other boaters if changes are necessary. A list of slip numbers and boat watch dates will be posted on the beach bulletin board, and behind the shed door.

Special Information

  1. A rechargeable flashlight is on the wall; replace it in the charger when you leave.
  2. Attached to the back of the door is a list of names, slip numbers, and phone numbers, in case of emergency.
  3. Please walk dock area every hour, check all boats and make sure that they are secure and not taking on water. If so call the appropriate number.
  4. Call the next person on boat watch and leave a message that he has boat watch the next night. This is a courtesy, and if you cannot contact the person please so note in the log.
  5. Any irregularities or unusual issues please make a note in the Boat Watch Log.