Marina Boat Watch Update

Hi All

It has been discovered that the wrong boat watch assignments were sent out with the bills. Please find the updated list on this website.
Sorry for this inconvenience


Restoration Update

Michele Kuhl has taken the charge as the Restoration Chair

All parties interested in assisting with the restoration committee can email

Once meeting dates and times have been picked they will be added to our website.


Rental Update

Currently Covid Restrictions are Limiting Rentals for 2021.

Our dedicated Rental Manager Diane Wedell is doing her best to accommodate members with their rental needs.

However Covid restrictions have placed some road blocks.  Please be patient as we work through this time.

Rental Sitters Needed

We are looking for Members that wish to assist our Rental Manager with sitting our Rental Parties.

Interested parties can reach out to Diane Wedell by emailing


Bar Update

Soft opening of the Bar April 16, 2021

Exciting news: Thanks to the efforts of our Bar Managers Ryan and Angelina Wasson, and Bar Liaison Brad Droskoski. 

We will be opening the bar Friday April 16, following our General Membership Meeting.

This opening will be for MEMBERS ONLY.  Masks are required as is social distancing .

Bar Tenders Needed

In anticipation of a full bar opening we are in need of bartenders.

We will require that our bartenders take the online course to become TIPS certified.

However this $40 cost will be reimbursed to all that decide to bartend for us.

If you are interested in bartending please send an email stating your interest to


Marina Update

Our Marina is currently full.

Boat watch will begin May 10th with new hours between 9PM -12 AM.

The schedule will be posted on Marina page by May 1st.


Beach Update

The upgrade to the beach gate is complete.

Old key cards have been deactivated.  New key cards can be obtained by emailing Paul Raimondi at

or by seeing Cathy in the office weekdays between 4-6PM


Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes are available within 5 business days by request:

Please be aware that board meeting minutes are accepted at each following month’s board meeting, at which time they are available with accuracy.



Hello everyone, we hope this message finds you well. In an effort to keep our membership informed, here are updates on the state of affairs and ongoing projects within the HBPOA.

First and foremost, Brad Droskoski is our director assigned to Preparedness. He is working tirelessly to keep us up to date on COVID restrictions as well as formulating a plan so we may reopen safely. We look forward to resuming Friday evenings at the Masury Bar while adhering to CDC, Federal, State and local guidelines. Details will be available in the near future. Chris Yackel is the trustee overseeing the barroom.

As of now, due to increased demand and COVID restrictions, the Masury is fully booked for rentals for the remainder of the 2021 year. The rental manager can be reached at  with any questions. We look forward to opening up rentals again in 2022.

In an effort to carry on with all of the hard work done by the previous board, there are several projects underway. There has been progress on the Grass Remediation at the beach and results will be seen by mid spring. The Gate Key update is complete and new keycards can be obtained by emailing Paul Raimondi at  or by seeing Cathy in the office weekdays from 4pm-6pm. New keys are activated within 24 hours. Kayak racks are open for use and 2 new racks will be added this spring.

Many of us are looking forward to the upcoming boating season. Pat Browne and his assistant Dennis O’Leary currently lead the charge in keeping our marina maintained. The work detail to ready the marina will take place 3/31, 4/1 and 4/2. The bubble system will be removed on 4/3. As always, volunteers are essential. For additional information, please email Pat Browne at ">.

Tom Conti is currently the director overseeing the Masury house and grounds. He is working with Bob Wedell, the house manager on issues like cleanings, landscaping and routine repairs. He is also looking into having the ballroom fresco evaluated for restoration and conservation purposes.

The website is a fluid project with Annette Rank at the helm. There have been many recent updates with more to come. It has been decided not to post meeting minutes on the website because there is not a cost effective way to safeguard private information. Once minutes are accepted, they are available to members. Email requeststo . Kindly allow five business days for a reply.

The Executive Committee has undergone several changes and has faced many challenges including replacing our office administrator. Office hours are now Mon-Fri 3:30pm-6:30pm.

The trustees have completed an audit spanning the last fiscal year; there is a short audit underway, due to the office clerk changing hands. Results will be presented at the next General Membership Meeting on Friday 4/16 at 8pm.

Entertainment, Fundraising and Membership options are being explored with respect to a safe and healthy reopening. The Board has elected to appoint Terry Mawn and Dave Vollmer to fill open director positions. One open director position remains.

Finally, please be on the lookout for opportunities to participate in HBPOA. We will be seeking volunteers for committees, bartendingand special projects. In accordance with our longstanding tradition of supporting local food pantries, we will be setting up a donation box at the beach and our annual Stuff-a-Boat collection will be held Memorial Day weekend. Contributions are very much appreciated! It is the involvement of the membership that drives our association forward; it is the sum of ALL parts that makes this organization great. Sometimes we take for granted where we live. As the country begins to reopen, and things begin to bloom, take a walk around the neighborhood and enjoy all we have here in Holiday Beach. Happy spring!

HBPOA Executive Committee


We have New Office Hours

We have new office hours

Effective immediately our office will be open

Monday through Friday

from 3:30pm -6:30 pm